What Can Patients Expect After a Facelift Surgery?

Over the years, facelifts have dramatically improved, leading to much safer and more effective procedures. Although this procedure is safer than ever before, it is considered major surgery and patients will need to take time to heal during the recovery process. With this information, patients will better understand what they can expect from the recovery process so they will be properly prepared.

What Happens During Recovery?

One of the keys to experiencing positive changes after surgery is making sure to follow the instructions of the surgeon. There are a few different phases a person will go through during the recovery phase. It takes about two weeks for a person to be able to go back to their normal routine. It takes time for the bruising and swelling to go away and a person’s face will continue to change over a period of a year.

For the first phase, which is the first week of recovery, a patient will need to rest but not stay in bed. Most people feel like getting out of the bed and walking around their home after a couple of days. Incision care is vital during this period so proper healing can take place. Pain medication will likely be given to help the patient remain comfortable.

In the second week of recovery, there may still be residual bruising and swelling. This generally goes away after the second or third week, as long as the face is properly healing. During this week, light activity is recommended.

The third week of recovery, the incisions will begin to flatten and a person will begin to feel more like getting out in public because their facial appearance is slowly beginning to improve. It is important a patient avoids any strenuous activity until their surgeon says they are ready.

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